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“Kim is a skilled, nuanced practitioner. She works both subtly and boldly, as the situation necessitates, sensitive to the complex interplay between physical systems. Like any good doctor she works dynamically and holistically. I have seen other acupuncturists and Kim, head and shoulders above the others, enables me to feel safe, cared for and healed, both in the moment and over time. I drive from Cape Cod to see her, because frankly, she is the best.” – E.R.

“Kim possesses the knowledge to effectively tailor her treatments to a variety of complaints, the patience to explain her work to the layperson, and the skill to make pain recede. Above all, she has a wonderful healing presence. I always leave my appointments feeling relaxed and ten times better than when I walked in.” -Y. S.

“I was bothered by a lingering back injury.  I tried a lot of things to fix it over the years, but then it got so bad I began to worry that I would need surgery. I had heard about acupuncture, but had such little understanding about it at that point that I wouldn’t even qualify as a pessimist. Before my first treatment with Kim my expectations were not great, but I walked home afterwards feeling amazingly better. I had two more treatments, and not only was the immediate pain no longer there, but I began to remember what it was like to not even have an issue with my back. It was a world of difference, and I’d encourage anyone in my old shoes to get out of them, get treated, and start feeling better today.” – M. M.

“Kim has been my acupuncturist for just over a year now, and I am so, so glad she’s opened her own practice! I started seeing her for some pretty intense stomach drama that months of Western medical tests and treatments did absolutely nothing for. Like, seriously. Nothing. Except rack up a ton of medical expenses and put a bunch of chemicals in my body that probably didn’t need to be there. And leave me with a complete sense of hopelessness that I’d ever be able to eat like a human being again.
ANYWAY, I went to Kim after a few months of her being like, “You know, I can probably treat that,” and me being like, “Yeah, yeah. If the DOCTORS can’t fix it, what are a few needles going to do?” Well let me just tell you, folks: I ate my words. Big time. Within four treatments, I felt better than I had in years. YEARS. Kim asked me questions about my diet, stress level, sleep, etc. that no one had bothered to ask before, and now, a year into it, I feel better than I knew I could feel. For serious. I can eat normally again, I don’t feel like the Goodyear Blimp’s just chilling in my belly, and my stress levels have dropped significantly. Totally amazing.
And not only did Kim totally repair my insane tummy trouble, but she’s pretty well-versed in nutrition, meditation, yoga, and a bunch of variations on Eastern medical treatments and peppers her sessions with little helpful tidbits to enhance your recovery/treatment. She’s super professional, sweet and just all-around exactly the kind of person you want as a healthcare provider. AND her treatment space is like a little nucleus of positive vibes. AND her prices are WAY below what a lot of other practices charge for less attentive treatment.
I can’t say enough good things about Spring Point, except that I’d probably be eating a strict diet of mashed peas and Metamucil without Kim. Just go, and reap the benefits as she reminds your body how it’s supposed to work.” – L.F.